The Angel Chen Fall-Winter 2020 women and menswear collection draws inspiration from the 1988 film Akira, a story that immerses its viewers in an imagined future urbanity. In a setting comprised of teens on motorcycles, racing against time, the characters yearn for the promise of a future reborn from a crumbling cyberpunk city. Viewers will journey through the collection's concepts in five creative scenes, made possible for the first time by the unprecedented coming together of fashion and technology in a virtual show.
The Angel Chen Fall-Winter 2020 collection integrates the film's color palette throughout. Steampunk shades of red and blue pair with the cold, high-tech sheen of green and silver. The tension of color contrast lends the pieces a sense of futurism, like a Pandora's box opened under the glare of neon lights. Black, a rare shade in seasons past, makes a first-time appearance as a central aesthetic-a dack and chaotic backdrop to the explosive moments planted throughout the collection.
The Angel Chen Fall-Winter 2020 collection debuts a variety of styles, including the signature pleated dresses of seasons past with their rich but simple lines. Tailor-made trenches for men and women take unique forms as interpreted through different fabrics. This season also marks the first suit, introducing a touch of maturity.
Italian fabric craftsmen Bonotto continue to serve as a long-term partner with their customized series of starry, tailored jacquard windbreaker silhouettes, skirts, and more that serve to amplify the collection's sense of sci-fi. This fabric consists of 50 percent of materials repurposed from recycled plastic bottles, a testament to the brand's long-term dedication to sustainable fashion. Copper-spandex fabric from Japan also brings a rich and soft glossiness to the long trench styles, while three-dimensional stitching highlights the fabric's light texture. The addition of Swarovski upcycled crystals gives further depth to this star-studded collection. Whether it is the flowing movement of a dress or the embellishment of eco-friendly furs, each element serves to echo the collection's overarching theme.
The dragon tooth element that has served as the brand's logo finds its place in this Fall-Winter 2020 collection's shoes: Heeled boots both high and low run the range of free and easy motorcycle styles. Both classic lace-up boots and sneakers find new life paired with different fabrics and colors. The designer incorporated skeletal elements into the collection's accessories; with teeth as inspiration, these deconstructed shapes reconstitute as stud earrings, hoops, necklaces, and even Swarovski crystals set within a crown, adding a flare of ingenuity to each restored shape.