Spring/Summer 2020


ANGEL CHEN Spring/Summer 2020 is inspired by the 1937 comic Sheena, Queen of The Jungle, drawing on the courage and perseverance of its heroine and the vivid colors of the tropical rainforest setting to present a stunning rendering of wild beauty as filtered through Angel's unique vision.

ANGEL CHEN Spring/Summer 2020 expands on the label's bold experimentation through color, embroidery, and innovative textiles. Unlike the saturated hues of past seasons, this collection combines soft fluorescents with prints and embellishments to create a sense of lightness and grace. In terms of craftsmanship, Chen uses her especially fine needlework to embroider creatures belonging to Chinese folklore, such as the rosefinch, white tiger, and dragon. The metallic gradients shimmer with movement evoking a vivid, lifelike rainforest scene.

This season Chen is using Dyneema Composite Fabric, a lightweight, waterproof, and wear-resistant material from Sweden, for the first time with a windbreaker piece. Exotic python patterns and Hawaiian prints are paired with jacquard fabrics from France's Malhia Kent and Italy's Bonotto, executed through slim-fit jackets and other items imbuing the season with a modern flair. Chen's signature airy cuts are strengthened with multi-panel stitching and matched with hand-printed pleated fabrics to create a unique psychedelic vibe.

Expanding on the brand's playful style, dragon tooth designs adorn lightweight sneaker-mule hybrids. The stitching and hollow design of the shoe upper combines practicality with contemporary style. As for accessories, Chen has collaborated with Taiwanese designer HAN KAO on several modular bags with distinctive gradient patterns, synonymous with CHEN's daring style. The collaboration with French mechanical watch brand FOB PARIS also continues with a watch strap printed with this season's most distinctive psychedelic design, coordinated perfectly with a mechanical dial.